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Love Prevails Through The Lockdown

Lockdown Love Songs EP now available for streaming and download

We’ve just lived through times unprecedented in generations. There has been tragedy, uncertainty, chaos and heroism. Yet always there has been love.

Some people may even remember these times as the time they fell in love. The excitement and joy of that time is recounted in The Quickening Heart. For others, there may have been the loneliness of unrequited love. Crush explores those feelings.

Sharing empathy to anyone who has suffered Mental Health issues during these or any times. Dedicated with all my heart to the people who can reach in and light up the darkness of depression, The Power Of Your Smile goes out to you.

Lockdown Love Song goes out to everyone who has suffered the pain of separation because of this terrible pandemic.

These tracks are available now to be streamed on, or downloaded from, your favourite Player whether Amazon, Spotify, iTunes or any of the major Music Apps. Click on the link below to sample the songs on Spotify.

Preview Lockdown Love Songs Here