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Inspiration For A Monday Episode 1 – The Dream Of Everest Base Camp

Leave your desk and, for just a few moments, engage with the idea of realizing a dream.

Welcome to my new series of Podcasts called Inspiration for a Monday. The intent is to release something inspirational every Monday. Simple but, believe me, it’s amazing!

In today’s episode, we look back at my trip to Everest Base Camp in 2016 and discuss what it took to get there. Not just along the trek in Nepal but everything from imagining the dream through training towards it to the final realization of the dream.

Episode 1 – The Dream Of Everest Base Camp

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Episode 6 – The Dream Of Everest Base Camp Worth Your Weight In Gold

When you've seen a place in your dreams and a hundred times in Youtube, it's truly special to finally see it in front of you. Referring largely to my trip to Everest base Camp in 2016, this episode contains heaps of inspiration to help you feel what it's like to realize a dream.
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