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The Call To The Mountains

How to cope with the terrain, thin air and unique conditions during high altitude treks.

If you’re considering trekking over, or among, the high mountains around the world, this eBook gives some basic insight for beginners. It covers the basics on how to cope with the terrain, thin air and unique conditions you may encounter at high altitude.

A collation of previous Blog Posts I published on the subject, the file is a 21 page PDF. It will take you through

  • Some of the terrain you can expect to encounter on some of the popular treks round the world
  • The general aspects of coping at high altitude
  • How to stay hydrated in the mountains

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When A Dream Becomes Real

When I was really young I used to climb the stairs and say I was climbing a mountain. Later, when the snow landed, I’d sometimes stand on the hills in Queens Park in the South Side of Glasgow and pretend I was high on the snow covered mountains. Shortly after sunrise on 29th October 2017 I had to admit that I couldn’t keep pushing for the summit of Mera Peak and turned back to start my descent. I took the picture below capturing Everest and some of the highest mountains in the world glowing in the sunrise. At 20,446ft (6,140m) it’s the highest picture I’ve ever taken and, standing in the snow high up in the Himalayas, it captured a moment of my actual dreams.

Everest in the distance from 20,446ft (6140m) AMS Mera Peak Trek 2017 The highest and one of the most beautiful pictures I have taken.