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About Our Ancestors

March to change the future because, no matter our actions, we cannot change the past.

Our ancestors are dead. Their lives are done and cannot be undone. My belief is that they have already atoned for the wrongs in their lives through the judgement of God. My hope is that they are at peace. My sadness is that, in their name, we are not.

Race, football team, colour of skin or sexual identity have never been factors in the respect I offer every human being. I was brought up to respect people and I have learnt that respect tends to be received as it is given. Such is my belief in the right of everyone to freely be who they are that I risked my own life to defend that freedom.

I refuse to take responsibility or apologize for what was done before my time. Instead, I believe history is something we can learn from. Sure we can topple statues, burn books and march on the streets for justice. But march to change the future because, no matter our actions, we cannot change the past. There is no point in trying to deny or erase it.

You may wish to reply to this and I have no issue with that. Just remember, if you do, that respect is given as it is received. Choose your words carefully. Every word you speak cost the lives and huge sacrifice of our ancestors. Yours and mine.

By Sean McBride

I have been travelling regularly, sometimes on the road constantly since I left home to join the British Army at the tender age of 17 more years ago than I care to mention.

Since then I have been in every continent and lost count of the number of countries I have had the pleasure of visiting. From the Silence of the Marlborough Sounds to the endless noise of the motorbikes, trikes and tuc tucs in several parts of Asia. From the luxury of Dubai to the poverty of Mumbai and everything in between.

Ever since a good friend of mine some time ago encouraged me to step out of the Irish Pubs and off the beaten track into the vibe which fires the hearts and souls of the people amongst whom we travelled, I have never looked back.

Now, I want to share this with you to whet your appetite for what's out there and give what practical pointers I can on how to get there and move around.

By all means read my articles and pictures, enjoy my music and videos and meet me either here or on Social Media. I look forward to meeting you.

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