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You never forget your first cloud inversion

All I could see in the darkness of the woods in pre-dawn was the head torch of my pal bobbing about as she jogged up the track towards me. “Look at that!” She screamed excitedly. She was actually jumping as she ran so she could see over the bushes at the view. She was pointing over my shoulder to the sunrise she had clearly seen before I did. When I turned to see it, I knew exactly what she was so excited about.

Kiltepan. Above the clouds and below the rising sun

God looking down on the world

If you think about God looking down on the world, you might imagine something like this. Mountain tops bathed in the pink and orange of the newly rising sun poking through a carpet of clouds which completely covered the valley below.

Golden sunrise

I took the selfies

Sure, I took the selfies and posed for the photos like a hundred times on this trip. But not before the scene took my breath away, caught my heart and left me with a moment which will be with me forever.

Moments which last forever

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By Sean McBride

I have been travelling regularly, sometimes on the road constantly since I left home to join the British Army at the tender age of 17 more years ago than I care to mention.

Since then I have been in every continent and lost count of the number of countries I have had the pleasure of visiting. From the Silence of the Marlborough Sounds to the endless noise of the motorbikes, trikes and tuc tucs in several parts of Asia. From the luxury of Dubai to the poverty of Mumbai and everything in between.

Ever since a good friend of mine some time ago encouraged me to step out of the Irish Pubs and off the beaten track into the vibe which fires the hearts and souls of the people amongst whom we travelled, I have never looked back.

Now, I want to share this with you to whet your appetite for what's out there and give what practical pointers I can on how to get there and move around.

By all means read my articles and pictures, enjoy my music and videos and meet me either here or on Social Media. I look forward to meeting you.

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